Relocation Info

Heber Springs is one of the best places to relocate or retire. The climate is delightful and the people are the kind that pitch in and make improvements, put on pie suppers to help others, and many do volunteer work. It is uplifting to live in an area where you can see beauty almost everywhere you look like the hills, lake, and river.


The winters are mild, autumn is a panorama of color, springtime is early with lovely dogwoods, azaleas and blooming red bud trees and summer with its long, lazy days perfect for swimming, boating, fishing and nature walks.  The pace is relaxed and peaceful.

Mean daily maximum temperature


Normal humidity (mean daily noontime)

Mean daily minimum temperature


Normal humidity (mean daily midnight)


Heber Springs’ greatest treasure is its people-friendly people who support each other no matter what the project, Cleburne County Cares, a volunteer program that has already gained national attention for assisting those in need, supporting a completed 2 yr, community college and hospital and a community center.

Community Involvement

Heber Springs has been designated as an “Arkansas Volunteer Community of the Year.” numerous times.    Local civics organizations and churches enthusiastically support youth activities.  Support groups exist to provide personal assistance to those in need.  For spiritual needs, Heber Springs has various churches.  However you choose to worship, you can find people who share your feelings.


Heber Springs Fire Department

The Heber Springs Fire Department proudly protects approximately 10,500 people living in the city limits of Heber Springs and the Heber Springs Fire District.  They operate out of 5 stations that protect a primarily residential area.  The department is a public department whose members are on a combination of full-time and paid per call status.  The HSFD is a municipality based department manned by a full-time chief supervising a mostly paid per call roster.  They protect a city with a population of 7,200.  We also have a Fire Protection district outside the city limits that borders several fire departments.  Their role is unique as we must protect both a small city with a water supply and rural area with little or no water supply.  They are a certified fire department with the state and train within their department as well as utilize the Arkansas Fire Academy for their training.  Since Heber Springs borders Greers Ferry Lake, special fire-fighting techniques for boats and marinas as well as water rescues are required.


Leisure – The Good Life

Recreation is one of the underlying foundations of the Heber Springs economy.  The lake area contains 15 federally-maintained parks, three national recreational trails, swimming areas, and numerous boat launching sites.  All county residents are within a 15 minute drive of the lake or the trout laden Little Red River.   A series of popular festivals are staged here Springfest, Fireworks Extravaganza and The World Championship Cardboard Boat Race (people racing in boats made completely of cardboard) which has been featured nationally many times , in 2005 on ESPN’S Sportscenter “50 States in 50 Days” and in 2008 on the Discovery Channels with Wreakreation Nation.


Important Contact Information


Real estate and property tax is 3.9% inside the city limits and 3.45 outside of the city limits based on mil levy of 20% of assess value.

Assessed value X 20% X .0389 = annual tax due

$100K $20,000 $778.00

Drivers License

Arkansas law requires anyone applying for initial Arkansas driver license to show proof of legal “presence” in the United States. Acceptable documents include a Social Security card, a valid U.S. Naturalization and Immigration photo card, a birth certificate, a U. S. Visa, or a military/military dependent ID card. At least one of these documents must be presented to a Department representative at any local Revenue Office before any initial driver license can be issued.

A new resident must obtain an Arkansas driver license at a local Revenue Office within thirty (30) days after arrival. No driver license examination is required if the applicant surrenders a valid license from another state, or surrenders one that is not expired more than 31 days. Arkansas issues a four-year license.

Office of Driver Services, P.O. Box 1272, Little Rock, AR 72203 (501) 682-7055

Local Revenue Office, North 2nd Street, Heber Springs, AR 7254 (501) 362-2469

Voter Registration
To register to vote in the Cleburne County – Heber Springs area, call the County Clerk’s Office at 362-4620, or stop by the courthouse downtown.
County Government

All new residents must register their motor vehicles within thirty (30) days of establishing residence in Arkansas, according to Arkansas law. Proof of personal property assessment (through your county residence), proof that no personal property taxes are due and proof of the proper kind and amount of liability insurance must be presented at the time of registration to obtain a vehicle tag.
Local Revenue Office, North 2nd Street, Heber Springs, AR 7254 (501) 362-2469
Office of Motor Vehicles, P.O. Box 1272, Little Rock, AR 72203 (501) 682-4692

Aging Program-Senior Citizens 362-2413

Assessor’s Office 362-8147

Cooperative Extension Service 362-2524

County Circuit Clerk Office 362-8149

County Clerk’s Office 362-4620

County Health Dept. 362-7581

County Judge 362-8141

County Library 362-2477

County Surveyor 362-3653

County Treasurer’s Office 362-8124

Courthouse 362-8141

Emergency Services Office 362-2911

Mental Health 362-7595

Municipal Court Clerk 362-6585

Sheriff’s Office 362-8143

Social Security (Cleburne Co.) (501)268-5305

Social Services 362-3298

Tax Collector 362-8145

Veterans Affairs 362-6211

City Government

Clerk Treasurer 362-8445

Fire Chief’s Office 362-5523

Fire Dept to Report Fires 362-7555

Hearing Impaired-TTY 362-7817

Housing Authority 362-6108

Mayor’s Office 362-3635

Planning & Zoning Office 362-8303

Police Dept. 362-8291

Police Chief 362-3661

Sanitation Dept. 362-3635

Street Dept. 362-5710

Waste Water Treat. Plant 362-3375

Water Works 362-3422

Council Meeting 3rd Thursday of every month at City Hall in the Council Room at 6:00 PM.

State Government

Forestry Commission 362-2463
Highway Maintenance 362-3494
Human Services Dept. 362-3298
Revenue Office 362-2469
Secretary of State 1-800-482-1127
V.A. Benefits Depart. 1-800-482-5434

US Government

Corps of Engineers Damsite & Gatehouse 362-5233

Greers Ferry Powerplant 362-3214

Lake & River Info 362-5150

Visitor Center 362-9067

Internal Revenue 1-800-829-1040

National Fish Hatchery 362-3615

Post Office(Heber Springs) 362-2493

Social Security Admin.1-800-772-1213

VA Regional Office 1-800-827-1000

Other Important Phone Numbers

AARP 1-800-527-6277

American Red Cross 501-268-2691

AR Volunteer Lawyers1-800-999-2853

AR Hwy & Transp. Dept. – (road conditions) (501)569-2374

Arkansas Parks & Tourism 1-800-482-8999

Attorney General 1-800-482-8982

Better Business Bureau 1-800-482-8448

Consumer Protection 1-800-482-8982

Emergency Services Office 911

IRS Forms 1-800-424-3676

Public Service Comm. 1-800-482-1164

Small Business Admin. (501)324-5871

Toll Free Directory Assist 1-800-555-1212

Ambulance Services

Northstar EMS 362-2794


Heber Springs Public Schools

Business Office 362-6712

Elementary School 362-8155

Middle School 362-2488

High School 362-3141

ASU-Heber Springs 362-1100

State Employment Agencies
Employment Security Div. -Searcy 501-268-8601
Airport Facilities

Heber Springs Municipal Airport 362-3294

Longest runway–4,000 feet, Paved surface, lighted, NDB approach

Car Rental
Payton Chevrolet –  877-362-2418
Charter Service
Single and twin engine planes available. Nearest Commercial Service Little Rock–60 miles

Entergy Corp. 800-368-3749

First Electric Coop 362-3166

Natural Gas
CenterPoint Energy-Arkla 800-992-7552

Mountain Top Water 362-5803

Tumbling Shoals 362-8510

Water Works 362-3422


Ferrellgas  362-3373

Pinnacle Propane – 888-490-8896

Waste Disposal & Recycling

Sanitation Department – 501-362-3635

Waste Connections of Arkansas 501-362-2666


A T & T

Home 800-464-7928

Business 800-499-79 

Suddenlink Media 362-3413

Suddenlink Media  362-3413
Internet Service Providers

Suddenlink Media –  362-3413

A T & T DSL  800-SBC-Yahoo


The Sun-Times Newspaper 362-2425  


KFFB 106.1 FM -Fairfield Bay – 501-723-4850

KHPQ 92.1 Radio-Clinton-501-745-4474

KSUG 101.9 FM- Heber Springs – 501-270-4112 – 

Fishing Licenses

If you are 16 years or older, a fishing license is required to take or attempt to take game fish, turtles or frogs in Arkansas, unless you are fishing in a licensed “put and take pay lake.” The license must be carried with you. You may not possess a license that belongs to someone else or one that has been altered, backdated or counterfeited. If you are a nonresident, you may not possess a resident license. If you guide, aid or assist someone else in fishing for hire, you must have a guide license. You can buy many licenses over the counter at sporting goods stores, hunting and fishing supplies stores, some discount chains, boat docks or directly from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s regional or Little Rock offices. Call 1-800-364-4263 to order and pay by credit card or go to For replacement of a lost license, call (501)223-6349.


Call 1-800-ASK-FISH for a recorded message about fishing conditions. A touch tone phone is necessary. Locally, you may call any of the marinas or river trout docks for fishing conditions